Our Mentoring Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to help both mentors and mentees get the most out of the mentoring process.

What the mentoring is

  • A fantastic chance to share and learn from another woman working in international development
  • To learn from each others’ experiences, and offer advice, support and guidence where helpful.
  • To have a sounding board to talk through your current thoughts, plans, and problems with, and discuss strategies to overcome/work towards these.
  • To gain career advice and explore options outside of what you are aware of
  • To gain greater understanding of different perspectives and cultures, and of different geographical and development contexts
  • To encourage sharing and co-learning across different disciplines, subjects, and contexts
  • To encourage direct sharing and co-learning between those in academia and those working on policy, programming or practice
  • To (where appropriate) gain experience from other women’s experience of undertaking a PhD, or having a family while working or studying.
  • Where there is mutual interest and agreement, potentially work on collaborative projects or initiatives together 


What the mentoring is not

  • A gateway for accessing all your match’s contacts and networks. If this is suggested by your match, great! But please be aware that this is not a carte blanche for exploiting your match’s contacts.
  • Detailed feedback or proofreading of documents. Again, if this is something you are both happy and willing to do, that’s fantastic, but please don’t expect this.
  • An opportunity to ask your match for a job, internship, or scholarship at their organisation.