Becoming a Mentee



Are you a woman…

…Doing a PhD or post-doc in a development facing area? Wondering if academia is really for you? Lost in the haze of academic debate? Wondering what’s happening in practice? Not sure how to transition out of academia?

Get a mentor!

Your mentor will be matched to your areas of interest and focus, and will help provide a link to the development world outside of your academic research. Meeting (whether physically or over Skype) once every three months, you will have chance to find out what is happening in development practice, how your research fits into the wider debates, as well as advice to get you through your PhD/post-doc, options for afterwards, and broader connections.

Becoming a mentee is open to any women doing a PhD or post-doc anywhere in the world. So long as you have access to emails and/or Skype, you will be able to communicate with your mentor.

WOMID will also be organising networking and social events, and a forum for sharing jobs and funding opportunities. We also hope to create a small pot of funding that mentees can apply to for conferences (including child care costs etc.) and career development.

Think this is something you would benefit from?

Register your interest HERE now, ready for our launch in the early autumn.


  1. I am coming to the end of my PhD exploring what leads children in urban Ethiopia to participate in primary education. I am unsure whether I want to remain in academia, or to transition to a more applied field.

  2. I am a 1st year PhD student in the University of Sheffield, UK. My research is mainly focused in land dispossession in the case of Afro-descendant communities in Colombia analysed from a legal and a geographical perspective.

    • Glad you like it and hope you get involved! We just need to disclose that we have no affiliation with IDS. They just kindly spread the word about us!

  3. In early June I submitted my doctoral thesis for examination on rural women’ s right to water on resettlement farms in Zimbabwe. I did my PhD with SEARCWL, University of Zimbabwe. My interests are in women’s socio-economic rights especially regarding land and water. I am not sure whether to remain in academia or be a professional PhD. I do need mentorship.

    • Hi Elizabeth. Congratulations on submitting your thesis! Huge achievement! Thanks for telling us about you here. Could you also make sure you fill in the registration form on this page: We’ve confused everyone a bit with the “register your interest HERE now” comment. Sorry!

  4. I am currently half way through my PhD in the field of concentrating solar energy. I am very interested in working in the development field , particularly related to energy access. I have no idea what to do when I finish my PhD and would really appreciate any advice.

  5. Thank you for this initiative; I will be doing my PhD with research focused on disaster law and recent international emergencies.

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments and support. We can’t wait to kick off properly in October with you all!

  7. Hello!
    I am a Master’s student in International Relations but interested in Gender & Development issues. Could I join also if I am not PhD student?

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