Set up and run by two finishing PhD students in the UK based upon their own needs and experiences, WOMID - Women Mentoring in International Development - facilitates mentorship between early career academics and practitioners working in the international development space across the globe. It links women (including all those who identify as women) doing international development facing PhDs and post-docs with women working in the development field outside of academia through a global voluntary mentoring scheme. Women working outside academia mentor PhD and early career academic women through their studies, ultimately helping them make the step into either professional academia or the outside practitioner world whilst themselves growing their networks, gaining first hand access to new and exciting research, and sharing their experiences. Together, the mentoring will help to break down the barriers between the research and practical fields in development, as well as provide a much needed support network for women in early career academic positions.




The idea is to:

  1. Support early career female academics - especially PhD and post-doctoral researchers - who want to move towards more practical and applied development work whether in academia or outside;
  2. Facilitate knowledge exchange on current practice in the field and front-line research as well as sharing life experiences of working in the international development sector;
  3. Contribute to the bridging between research, policy and practice, including potential collaboration; and
  4. Build a network of women in international development, facilitate a learning hub, and use these as a platform to provide support for members.